Omnigel Pain relief tube Omnigel Pain relief tube



Omnigel is an effective topical medication, scientifically formulated to address musculoskeletal pain.
Available in the forms of gel & spray, it is useful for any kind of musculoskeletal pain associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, back pain, neck pain and even sports related injuries.

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Omnigel pain relief ointment Omnigel pain relief ointment
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I highly recommend Omnigel to people who complain about musculoskeletal pain. It contains Diclofenac Topical and Menthol Topical as active ingredients which provide instant relief. It is the only topical medication that I have found to be so effective in managing pain.

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Atul Juneja, Mumbai


Working in front of the laptop for hours with incorrect posture made my spondylosis worse. Oral medications were resulting in other problems and that’s when I switched to a topical medication, by far Omnigel has been my best experience. It provides instant relief and I can go about doing my daily activities.

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Neha Sharma , Delhi

My work requires me to travel a lot and Omnigel is an essential for me. No matter where I am, its quick action formula helps in treating my muscle strains or sprains very effectively. Also, because it is a product by Cipla, I completely trust it. Omnigel is a very affordable medication providing long lasting relief.

Sidhartha Verma , Gurgaon

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