Tips To Avoid Back Pain While Driving Two Wheeler

Riding your two wheeler whether for your daily commute to work, as transport, or for leisure can take its toll on your back. If you don’t get your riding posture right, you could wind up with back pain that leaves you in agony. A few simple things like strengthening your back, stopping to stretch, and focusing on getting the posture correct can change how you feel after a ride.

Why Do You Have Back Pain While Riding A Two Wheeler?

When you ride a two wheeler, your position remains static for lengths of time. Your riding position is more or less constant while you travel several kilometers or ride for hours. The position one rides in is also not a normal posture for the human body. This makes you more vulnerable to musculoskeletal aches and pains. Two wheeler riders in one study in India complained of lower back pain, upper back pain, as well as shoulder and neck pain.

So here’s what you can do to reduce the risk of developing a back problem or experiencing pain every time you ride.

Strengthen Your Back And Core

Do regular back strengthening exercises to keep your core muscles strong and reduce the strain on your spine. When you ride a two wheeler, your body constantly uses its core muscles to help maintain balance and keep your body upright. During a ride, your muscles get fatigued quickly if they aren’t strong . Yoga asanas like the Bridge Pose or Cat Pose, and simple at-home exercises like a knee-to-chest stretch, lower back rotational stretch, shoulder blade squeeze, and seated lower back rotational stretch can help.

Get Your Riding Posture Right

To avoid back pain due to driving, all you need to do is be more conscious of how you’re sitting and take a few extra precautions to protect your back. Adjust your bike’s seat position and footrests if they can be adjusted so that you are not straining your body to reach the ground or handlebars. If you’re buying a new bike, try and choose one that doesn’t require you to bend low and hunch your back to reach the handlebars. When you sit on your bike, try and keep your back straight. Line your shoulders up above your hips and make a conscious effort to square your shoulders back a little to avoid hunching.

Take Breaks To Stretch

You can do some simple stretches on your bike at long signals, in traffic jams, or just pull over for a bit to rest and stretch if it is a long drive. 

  • Try this simple stretch for your back – hold your right handlebar with your right hand and stretch so that your left hand reaches the back seat as you face left. Repeat on the other side.

  • To stretch your neck, clasp your hands behind your head with your arms wide to the side and swing from side to side slowly.

Keep Your Bike In Good Condition

Poor suspension and a poorly maintained two wheeler can aggravate the problem by jolting your body as you ride over each bump or pothole. Ensure it is regularly serviced and maintained well to avoid back pain while driving.

Use A Pain Relief Gel 

A back pain gel or pain relief spray can be a good way to cope with aches and pains from riding your two wheeler. A good pain relief remedy like Omnigel can help reduce the pain, ease inflammation from this repetitive stress and strain on your back, and also help improve range of motion if you have a stiff back from the static riding position. If you’re prone to sudden back pain, carry this pain relief gel in your bag so that you can use it after a long ride. Simply apply it to the parts of your back or other joints and muscles that are aching for almost immediate relief from pain.

Keep your tube of Omnigel ready; it will help you deal with unexpected musculoskeletal aches and pains from driving your two wheeler so you can ride comfortably. Omnigel is available at pharmacies offline and online.

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