musculoskeletal pain

A painful knee, an aching back, a pulled muscle – we experience a variety of types of pain in the body.  When it strikes, such pain can be mildly bothersome or put you completely out of service for a day or more, depending on how bad it is. So how do you tackle the problem?

Here’s a look at the kinds of Musculoskeletal Pain that you might have from time to time and the best way to get relief from this pain.

Types Of Pain In The Body

The types of musculoskeletal pain can broadly be classified into 4 categories, as follows:

 Muscle Pain: You may experience pain in your muscles as a result of an injury, strain, cramps, or spasms.

 Joint Pain: Painful joints are usually marked by accompanying stiffness and inflammation. Joint pain tends to get worse with movement or activity and benefits from being rested.

 Ligament/Tendon Pain: Injuries like strains or sprains or even overuse can cause the tissue connecting your bones and joints to be painful. 

 Bone Pain: When you have a fracture or injure your bones, it can cause pain in the bones. Very rarely, an underlying tumor may also bring on bone pain.

Acute Pain vs. Chronic Pain

If you experience the sudden onset of pain it is often due to an injury, some inflammation, or an underlying disease. In most cases, after being treated or the passage of some time, it should go away. This is acute pain. However, for some people, the pain may last a very long time and bring on other issues as well – this is chronic pain.

Treatment for Body Pain

Pain relief medication like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) may be used to help reduce inflammation while also alleviating the pain. Besides this, therapeutic massage, heat/cold therapy, acupuncture, strengthening exercises, resting, may be suggested . For very severe pain, surgery may sometimes be recommended.

Pain Relief Remedy For Musculoskeletal Pain

Whether you’re experiencing acute pain or chronic pain, Omnigel can help. If you’ve tried Omnigel for pain, you’ll know the almost immediate relief you get from the discomfort when you use this diclofenac-based remedy. Simply apply Omnigel or pain spray to the affected area and let it get to work. It eases inflammation, aches and pains, and stiffness due to a range of musculoskeletal issues including cervical spondylosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, pain due to poor posture, or pain from sports injuries. Available in a handy size, it is a portable solution to your body pain issues.

Omnigel is available at pharmacies both online and offline and is a fast-acting effective remedy for a variety of aches and pains. Order an Omnigel tube so that pain relief is never more than an arm’s length away!

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