Is squatting and bending hard for you to do? Do you experience knee pain when you squat to reach something or sit on the ground? We look at some of the things that may be causing this knee pain – and show you how to manage the pain better with the best knee pain relief creams.

Causes Of Knee Pain

Your knee may be painful due to an injury, overuse, or a muscle imbalance. In addition, conditions like inflammation or some underlying problems like osteoarthritis could also make it difficult or painful to squat comfortably.

These are some of the primary reasons for knee pain when squatting:

Patellofemoral syndrome: Also called jumper’s or runner’s knee, this condition affects the kneecap/front of the knee. You may experience stiffness and pain when attempting to squat. It may occur from sports injury/overuse or could also be due to a kneecap alignment issue.

Patellar tendonitis: If you injure your tendon that connects the shinbone to the kneecap, it can cause patellar tendonitis . This tendon is needed to assist movements like jumping, kicking, and even squatting.

Septic arthritis/bacterial joint inflammation: This infection of the joints most commonly affects the knees. Older adults as well as infants are more vulnerable. It occurs when germs move through the blood from other regions to the joint, infecting it. Some people may get it as a result of some kind of penetrative injury like an animal bite which allows germs to reach the joint directly.

Iliotibial band (IT-band) syndrome: This common knee injury is associated with inflammation of the iliotibial band, a thick band of connective tissue that spans the side of the thigh up to the knee.

Knee injury: If you notice your knee is swollen or painful in a specific area, it may be the result of some kind of trauma/injury.

Osteoarthritis: The knee joint is often inflamed and swollen for those with osteoarthritis. When the cartilage in the knee wears down, it compromises the all-important layer of protection between bones. As a result, any movements involving the knee – like squatting – could potentially be quite painful.

Omnigel: An Effective Topical Knee Pain Relief Remedy

In addition to specific remedies for the underlying causes of your knee pain, you can also use a fast-acting topical pain relief remedy to reduce knee pain quickly. A good pain relief cream will help not just with the pain but also ease inflammation, swelling, and stiffness so that you are able to regain mobility to do things like squatting, more comfortably. Omnigel is a diclofenac gel that’s meant for problems just like this. Whatever the cause of your knee pain, whether it is arthritis or a sports injury, you’ll find that this remedy alleviates the pain so you can get back to doing the things you love.

Omnigel is priced competitively and offers an easy-to-use, value for money pain relief remedy for knee pain. Order it from a pharmacy near you or get it home-delivered from an online pharmacist.

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