pain management in musculoskeletal pain

For pain management in musculoskeletal pain or any muscle stress, topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) formulations like diclofenac spray and gel are ideal choices as they have pain-relieving qualities and are recommended by doctors.

The medication is for topical usage only and is to be gently rubbed on the affected areas of the body as per the instructions. The topical solutions display good absorption qualities, thus enabling relief from musculoskeletal pain.

How does diclofenac deal with pain?

Using a diclofenac spray or gel to relieve pain and discomfort of musculoskeletal origin.. Using either a spray or gel with stretching techniques under expert supervision, increases the range of motion in the affected zone Diclofenac gel or spray is effective even for lower back pain which is a common ailment in most households. Through pain management therapies combined with diclofenac gel or spray, muscles relax better and faster.

What is the difference between diclofenac gel and spray?

There is no fundamental difference between both products as they have similar ingredients in most cases. The obvious difference is in their physical characteristics. One is a gel that needs application with hands on the affected area and the other is a spray that can be sprayed out of the can on the painful area.

Omnigel Spray

Omnigel  Pain Relief Spray

Omnigel Spray is a diclofenac spray that is ideal for immediate pain relief in any part of the body, especially in areas like joints or the neck. The spray reduces pain by interfering with the inflammatory process. It also interferes with pain transmitting nerve signals, blocking chemicals that send pain messages, thus improving the condition of the patient. It is better to follow the directions for application, and not overuse or misuse it.

Omnigel Gel

Omnigel Gel

Used when affected by acute to mild pain, Omnigel pain relief gel is effective in relieving arthritis, sciatica, sprain,muscular pain and any soft tissue damage. It reduces pain and improves the ability to move. Blocking the pain signal by transmitting chemicals, and reducing pain and swelling, the gel is a fast-action solution for quick relief. Apply as directed by the doctor and manage your pain better.

Is diclofenac gel or spray preferred by doctors?

Omnigel spray & gel are OTC products available online and in your nearest store. It can also be prescribed by the doctor. These solutions treat pain efficiently, and the side effects are also fewer compared to other oral forms.

Under what conditions are the diclofenac gel or spray most effective?

Topical Diclofenac is most effective for any kind of mild to severe musculoskeletal pain and offers instant relief. Let us look at some conditions that benefit from its application.


A common ailment, arthritis results in chronic pain, making the joints stiff and prohibiting movement. Topical diclofenac has an immediate effect on areas that are painful, thus reducing pain and enabling movement.

Knee pain

When it comes to site-specific treatment, both diclofenac spray and gel have proved extremely effective. When treated, the results have shown prompt relief from both pain and stiffness.

Other uses of Diclofenac spray & gel

In topical spray and gel, diclofenac is highly effective in the treatment of sprain and musculoskeletal injuries.

What should be kept in mind before using diclofenac?

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult with their doctors before using diclofenac spray or gel. After the application of the gel, ensure to wash your hands. But the application area should not be washed for an hour. Those allergic to aspirin or NSAIDs should speak with their physician before using the medicine. If the diclofenac comes in contact with the eyes, nose or mouth, immediately wash or rinse to stay protected. If the skin is infected or swollen, do not apply diclofenac spray or gel in that area.

Muscle pain, back pain, joint pain, or pain from arthritis can happen to anyone. Therefore, keeping yourself prepared will save you from agony and discomfort, and expedite your return to normal life. You can trust the Omnigel diclofenac pain relief spray or gel by Cipla, which is easily available over the counter or online.

To conclude…

Pain can disrupt daily routines if not managed properly and at the right time. A safe pain management technique along with the correct usage of topical diclofenac solutions can considerably reduce the effects of pain on one’s daily life. Mobility is important, and being less dependent on others will improve the quality of your life. Include the right food in your diet, exercise, manage body weight, and use the right supportive medicines & pain management products like Omnigel to make your life pain-free & healthy.

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