Make Your Work from Home More Ergonomic

When it comes to desk jobs, ergonomic safety tips are as important as meeting those deadlines! Ignore your posture and make-do with a less than comfortable chair or makeshift table and you could wind up with frequent backaches, neck pain, or other complaints. Here are some ergonomic ideas for your home office to transform it from basic to comfortable and functional.

Pick the Right Table

The right table can make a world of difference to your home office experience. It doesn’t have to be a traditional desk, even a good dining table or a folding table can work. What is important is the height of the table. When you rest your arms on the table to use your keyboard or mouse, your wrist should be straight and your hands either at elbow level or lower.

Keep Legroom Below the Table

Ensure your feet, knees, and thighs have enough space to fit under the table comfortably. Do not place your computer in front of a cupboard/cabinet because this will prevent you from getting close enough to the desk for an ergonomic position.

Get A Comfortable Chair

If there’s one piece of furniture you invest in for your home office, let it be your office chair. Choose one that’s ergonomically designed with lumbar support if possible and armrests. Ensure it is one that is height adjustable. Learn how to adjust your executive chair – read the manual or check for videos online. In general chairs with a 5-point base are more stable and recommended.

Find a Footrest

An often-ignored piece of furniture for an ergonomic home office is the humble footrest or footstool. If your feet aren’t resting comfortably flat on the ground, you may end up sliding forward in your chair to reach the ground and could slouch and ruin your posture in doing this. A footstool can bridge the gap and give your feet that much-needed rest. When you sit with your feet on the footrest or the floor, check that you do not feel any pressure underneath your thighs – the pressure is a sign that you’re straining the muscle in this position. Even a box can serve as a footrest if you don’t have a low stool or table.

Use A Small Bolster/Pillow for Lumbar Support

Lumbar support can help you keep a neutral spine posture, making you more comfortable if you’re seated for lengths of time. If your chair doesn’t have this, use a small pillow or bolster instead.

Position Your Monitor, Keyboard, And Mouse Correctly

Your eyes should be level with your monitor and at arm’s length from your body. Ensure your mouse, as well as keyboard, are easy to reach and at the same level. Alternate which side you keep the mouse every couple of hours to reduce the strain on one hand. Your keyboard must be at a height that allows your wrists to stay straight while using it and position your hands slightly below or level with your elbows.

Set Reminders to Get Up and Move!

Working ergonomically is also about knowing when to take those breaks. Staying in the same position for too long can strain your muscles and joints. Be sure to set reminders on your phone to remind you to stand up and stretch or walk around for a few minutes every 30-60 minutes or so.

Add Some Greenery and Fix the Lighting

A little greenery at your desk can help give your eyes a break from the screen and refresh your mind. The right light can also help reduce eye strain. Ensure the light doesn’t create harsh reflections or add to the glare.

Keep A Pain Relief Remedy Handy!

With long hours at the desk, you’re bound to have the occasional backache or neck pain despite your best efforts. For those occasions, it helps to have a fast-acting pain relief remedy handy at home.

Omnigel is a pain relief remedy that is available as both gel and spray and is easy to use, yet very effective. Simply apply to the affected muscles or joints and allow the remedy to do its work. You should feel the pain wash away as the inflammation and stiffness in the region ease. This pain relief solution is available at pharmacies both online and offline, so it should be easy to get your hands on some.

Make working from home comfortable and pain-free! Get this easy-to-use pain relief remedy and say goodbye to those work-from-home aches and pains.

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