Yoga poses for shoulder and neck pain

Looking for a way to strengthen your neck and shoulder muscles to reduce the aches and pains that trouble you? We show you ways that yoga for neck and shoulder pain can help in other ways too. Besides improving posture, yoga can help you stretch overworked or unused muscles and strengthen your core as well as the muscles in the shoulder and neck.

If you’re dealing with a frozen shoulder or tightness in the neck region, consider trying yoga for shoulder pain.

Warm-up with Surya Namaskar(Sun Salutations):  This sequence of asanas and movements warms up the body, gets the blood circulating, tones up the arms, shoulder, neck, and spine. It also helps you improve flexibility in these parts.

Paschim Namaskarasana(Reverse Prayer Pose):  Strengthen and stretch the upper back, shoulder, and pectoral muscles with the reverse prayer pose.

Sukhasana Parivrtti(Simple Twist):  Open up your shoulders and stretch the chest with this asana. It helps build flexibility in the spine and upper back.

Garudasana(Eagle Pose):  This pose eases tension in the shoulders and loosens up the muscles. It offers a good stretch for the upper back and shoulders.

Paschimottanasana(Seated Forward Bend):  This stress-relieving pose offers a great stretch for the shoulders and spine.

Dhanurasana(Bow pose):  While not all poses target the neck, yoga exercises like the bow pose help stretch and open up the neck, shoulders, and chest.

Purvottanasana(Upward Plank Pose):  Like the bow pose, this asana helps to stretch the chest, shoulders, as well as neck.

Balasana(Child’s Pose): If you perform this specifically using yoga for neck pain, always use a support for the torso and head, this will help alleviate pain in the neck and back.

Pain Relief from Shoulder and Neck Pain

Practicing yoga poses for neck pain or a stiff shoulder can help ease the discomfort and improve mobility over time. However, for a more immediate solution, pain relief gel or pain sprays can be a suitable solution. Omnigel is a diclofenac gel that alleviates pain and discomfort, reduces swelling and inflammation, and helps you recover faster from such aches and pains.  The localized warmth it produces to the area it is applied on offers respite from pain and helps your neck and shoulder feel better quickly.  This powerful pain relief remedy is suitable for carrying with you to work or when you travel, making it a viable solution for sudden neck or shoulder pain.

Try Omnigel for your neck and shoulder pain alongside your yoga therapy. This tried and tested remedy has helped people with a variety of musculoskeletal pains including those in the neck and shoulder. It is also useful for joint pain and arthritis.

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