Is soleus muscle pain holding you back from the exhilaration of running? For anyone who loves to run, soleus muscle pain can throw a spanner in the works. But it shouldn’t have to. We dive deeper into what causes this problem and how to work around it using muscle soreness gels and topical pain remedies so that you don’t have to give up on something you love.

Types Of Calf Strain 

Soleus muscle pain is one of the many causes of calf pain. Your calf muscle is made up of three muscles – the soleus as well as the plantaris and gastrocnemius. Calf strain is a common issue seen in sportspersons and those engaged in physical activity like running.

Symptoms Of Soleus Muscle Pain

Soleus muscle pain does not usually cause major issues but can make it hard to run comfortably. Typical signs of soleus muscle pain include :

  • Stiffness in the calf
  • Tightness in the muscle
  • Pain in the area
  • Mild swelling 

The pain may become worse if left unattended. Running, jogging, and even walking might aggravate your symptoms.

How To Treat A Soleus Muscle/Calf Injury

Have a doctor check your injury if it is serious. You could try these home remedies for mild forms of muscle pain :

  • Rest your leg for a few days so it recovers and heals. This should allow you to get back to running sooner as you won’t be straining it further when you run(which will only prolong recovery). 
  • Apply an ice pack every 2-3 hours for no more than 20 minutes at a time
  • You could also alternate heat treatment with ice packs once 3 days have passed post-injury
  • Keep your leg elevated to ease swelling
  • Always do a proper warm-up before your run to reduce the risk of recurrence of this injury
  • Do a cool down post any run or workout
  • Use a topical pain relief remedy like a muscle pain spray to ease the pain

Use Topical Pain Relief Remedy Omnigel

Sportspersons and the fitness conscious love the convenience of topical pain relief remedies like Omnigel and Omnigel pain relief spray. This easy-to-use diclofenac formulation provides fast-acting relief from muscle and joint pains, and other sports-related aches and pains. Simply apply to the affected area and feel the pain wash away, allowing you to keep up the physical activity you enjoy. Use Omnigel before or after runs for topical pain relief and to ease stiffness and inflammation as well as any discomfort you might be experiencing due to soleus muscle pain.

Pick up Omnigel and Omnigel spray from pharmacies online and offline. This easy topical pain relief remedy will help you get back to running minus the pain.

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