keeping joints healthy

As you grow older it is important to look after your body – and joint health is no exception. While we take care to keep up muscle tone and keep our minds sharp, are we doing enough for our joints? Here’s how you can change that with some easy ways to keep joints healthy.

Tips To Keep Joints Healthy As You Grow Older

Are you wondering how to keep joints healthy as you age? These simple tips will stand you in good stead:

  • Work on weight loss if you are overweight as this can add to the stress and strain on joints 
  • Build muscle strength around the joints – having good muscle balance and function can cushion some of the impact of the force that hits your joints. This means less wear and tear to the joints .
  • Regular exercise – including both strengthening and endurance workouts (assuming no existing medical conditions that make it unsafe to do so), can help improve joint function even for those with mild/moderate arthritis.
  • Don’t miss warm ups before you exercise – this is needed for joint safety while working out .
  • Build bone strength to help keep those joints healthy. This can be done through a combination of exercise (weight-bearing exercise, in particular, helps with boosting bone mass ) and a healthy diet rich in nutrients like vitamin D and calcium that support bone strength . 
  • Try yoga under the guidance of a trained practitioner, to help with joint flexibility .
  • Avoid wearing high heels – the higher the heel, the greater the stress on your feet and knees. This in turn elevates your risk of later developing osteoarthritis .
  • Quit smoking – it adversely affects the joints as well as bones . Calcium absorption is hampered when you smoke, making bones more fragile and increasing risk of bone and joint diseases.

Topical Pain Relief Remedy For Joint Pain

While you may take these steps and learn how to get healthy joints, there are times when aches and pains may strike. When this happens, it is good to keep a topical pain relief remedy handy. Omnigel is an easy-to-use topical pain relief gel (also available as a pain spray) that can be applied to painful joints to ease stiffness, inflammation, and pain. It is useful for a variety of joint and muscle pain stemming from injuries to arthritis-linked aches. 

Keep Omnigel and Omnigel spray with you to address any muscle or joint pain quickly and easily. Available from pharmacies online and offline.

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