vitamins can help your body get stronger and alleviate some of the problems linked to pain

Vitamins are an essential part of your diet and not getting enough could cause problems like weakness in the bones and joints. And while it does help to have a balanced diet and eat healthy food for body pain linked to vitamin deficiencies, it may not be enough. There are some vitamins taken for joint pain and other vitamins for easing muscle pain – so which ones are they and how can they help?

Vitamin D

Any list of vitamins for joints has to mention this all-important nutrient . Vitamin D for joint pain has become a widely recommended supplement and with good reason. If you have fibromyalgia-linked pain , you should also work at increasing vitamin D levels through a combination of sunlight exposure and a supplement if needed.

Vitamin B Complex

What vitamin is best for leg cramps? If you’re troubled by shooting pain in your calf at night, it is likely to be muscle spasms that bring on cramps. Taking a vitamin B complex capsule that contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12 is believed to help.

Vitamin B12 specifically is a vitamin for nerves and joints – it protects the nerves, stimulates nerve regeneration, and could help reduce the pain from old injuries.

Foods with Vitamin B12: Fish, Meat, Milk, Eggs, Cheese

Vitamin B6 helps with nerve function and immune health. Rheumatoid arthritis can cause a deficiency of this vitamin which further worsens the condition – and therefore the pain. Supplementing with it may be recommended to ease the symptoms.

Foods with Vitamin B6: Bananas, Milk, Oats, Soya beans, Chicken, Pork, Wheatgerm

Vitamin C

For those with arthritis, vitamin C should be on the list of vitamins taken for knee pain and other joint pain linked to their condition. This vitamin has anti-inflammatory properties that can be beneficial in easing the pain. Having low vitamin C levels in your diet could make you three times as likely to have inflammatory arthritis. A deficiency of vitamin C is also linked to spinal pain . However, do not overdo the intake of these supplements as prolonged use if your levels are already fine might aggravate osteoarthritis. 

Foods with Vitamin C: Citrus fruits, Strawberries, Potatoes, Broccoli, Capsicum

Pain Relief Gels and Sprays

While vitamins can help your body get stronger and alleviate some of the problems linked to pain, there are times when you need something more immediate. Pain relief remedies are available in the form of pain relief sprays, gels, and ointments. Omnigel is a popular topical pain relief treatment that offers respite from aches and pains linked to arthritis, sports injuries, sprains, and more. Easy-to-use, it only needs to be applied to the area where you are experiencing pain for easing of not just the pain but also any associated inflammation and stiffness. Omnigel is available at pharmacies across the country as well as online and is a convenient pain relief remedy for most common ailments.

Try Omnigel as a remedy for your musculoskeletal pains including pain in the joints, neck and shoulder pain, sore muscles, and more. Find out more about Omnigel.

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