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If you’ve ever had lower back pain, you’re no stranger to tossing and turning in your sleep or waking up with stiffness. Find the right sleeping position and these troubles will be a thing of the past. So which is the best position to sleep in? Is there a recommended sleeping posture for lower back pain? Here are some answers that can change how you sleep.

Use Pillows For Support

Having the right mattress and some extra pillows for support can help improve your sleep comfort and quality. For those with lower back pain, sleeping pillows can often help take some of the stress off areas that normally bear the load. If you’re a back sleeper, place the pillow beneath the knees. You can also use a small bolster or rolled-up towel in the curve of your lower back. For side sleepers, the pillow can be used between the knees.

Sleeping Positions For Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain while sleeping is not uncommon. With our sedentary lifestyles and desk jobs, taking time out to stretch or exercise isn’t always easy. Unfortunately, if you add poor sleeping positions to the mix it can make a bad problem worse.

If you’re wondering which is the best side to sleep on, the answer varies depending on what you’re most comfortable with. In general, avoid sleeping on your stomach if you have a bad back. It increases the strain on your spine . If you simply cannot sleep on your back or side, then use a pillow beneath the lower abdomen and pelvic region. Skip a pillow for your head if you can.

The best sleeping position to reduce back pain is on your side or back.

Sleeping On Your Side

When you sleep on your side, try drawing your legs up in the direction of your chest. Use a long body pillow or try putting the pillow between your knees.

Sleeping On Your Back

Aim to retain the natural curvature of the lower back by supporting it with a towel. Do the same for the upper spine by getting a neck support pillow. Use a pillow underneath the knees to support the spine better and keep a neutral position of the backbone.

Pain Relief Remedy For Lower Back Pain

For those with lower back pain, using a good pain relief remedy like Omnigel can make it much easier to settle in for the night. This topical pain relief gel can be applied directly to the lower back and other areas where you are experiencing stiffness or pain. It acts quickly, dissipating the pain and easing inflammation and stiffness so that you get that much-needed sleep. Omnigel is easily available and comes in both a gel and pain spray form for easy application.

Find the best sleeping position for lower back pain to make yourself more comfortable when you rest, but don’t forget to keep a pain relief gel like Omnigel handy to tackle those aches and pains. Nothing messes with your sleep like an aching back. Find out more about how Omnigel can help you.

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