Neck Pain while Studying

If you’re studying for exams or spending long hours at the desk, you’re quite likely to have experienced neck pain at some point. Knowing how to avoid neck pain while studying will allow you to work without distraction from stiffness and aches that can slow you down. Here are some simple tips to set you up for a more ergonomic session of cramming!

Get The Right Chair

When identifying a new chair for your study table, ensure it is one that is height adjustable and stable . Preferably, pick one that has adjustable lumbar support or lumbar support that sits where you need it to for your height and posture.

Set Up Your Computer Correctly

Since most of our work – including academics – happens online these days, computer usage is par for the course. Ensure your computer is set up to avoid straining the neck. Your gaze must align with the middle of the computer screen . 

Be Conscious Of Your Posture

When you sit down at your desk, be aware of how you are seated and your posture. Ensure your back is straight and well-supported. Keep your shoulders rolled back and your neck tucked in not jutting forward .

Set Reminders For Breaks

Movement is important to avoid neck pain or any kind of stiffness . If you remain in the same position for a long time – even when your posture is right – it can put a strain on your muscles. Set reminders on your phone or download an app that pings every half hour or so. Get up, stretch, walk around if you can during the break.

Do Some Neck And Back Exercises

While seated at your desk you can do some simple neck pain alleviating exercises like shoulder rolls, neck tilts from side to side, and chin tucks. When not studying, you can also practise some yoga asanas to help with easing tension and stiffness and also to improve your flexibility and strength of muscles of the back, shoulder, neck, and core. The camel pose, cat-cow poses, bridge pose, bow pose, and downward facing dog are especially good 

Topical Pain Relief Remedy For Neck Pain

If you are unable to avoid neck pain despite these changes, it helps to have a fast-acting topical pain relief remedy like Omnigel at hand. Omnigel and Omnigel pain relief spray can be used to ease neck pain as well as associated discomfort, stiffness, and inflammation in the shoulder and neck region as well as back. With this pain relief remedy, you should be able to carry on with your studies uninterrupted by aches and pains. 

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