muscle soreness and stiffness

Have you ever felt that uncomfortable sensation within your body where your physical movements tend to get limited, where day-to-day activities like getting up from your bed or even reaching for your favorite cereal from the top shelf of your kitchen turn out to be stressful?  Often, this painful feeling is due to muscle stiffness. Muscle stiffness refers to the tightening of muscles, which leads to difficulty in movement. This is often characterized by sharp and excruciating pain. To recover one can practice stretching, and use ice and hot packs. One can even use topical pain relief gels and sprays such as Omnigel.. But before talking in-depth about the benefits of topical pain relief solutions, let us look at a few causes of muscle pain.

Causes of Muscle Soreness:

Causes of Muscle Soreness

There are quite a few reasons that lead to your muscles turning sore and stiff, but the most common causes are:

Overexertion of muscles: If you’re an athlete or a person whose job includes physical slog and toil, performing your tasks can get tedious and dreary. Overdoing these activities puts stress on your body known as overexertion, which further leads to soreness, discomfort, and even injuries. When you overwork your body beyond its maximal ability, your muscles become painful. During physical activity, the body’s muscles extend and contract to support movement. Prolonged or repetitive physical activity can overexert the muscles and these activities can lead to muscle soreness.

Exercise-induced muscle damage (E.I.M.D): This is a common phenomenon among athletes. As the name itself suggests, high-intensity workouts, prolonged exercise duration, and maintaining the wrong posture during a workout can cause severe muscle soreness.

Incorrect posture: Poor body form or posture is one of the most common causes for sore or stiff muscles in your body. Bad posture causes specific muscles to contract abnormally causing pain and acute stiffness. Not acknowledging your discomfort and not taking the right action isn’t ideal, as this is your body’s way of alerting you and making you aware that there is an underlying issue.

Dehydration: Dehydration can lead to muscle soreness. Lack of hydration reduces the speed of recovery while the risk of injury increases. Not consuming enough water can be a hindrance as the ability of water to flush out harmful toxins from the muscles is compromised.

Treating Muscle Soreness:

Treating Muscle Soreness

There are numerous ways to address these issues and provide the necessary treatment for your muscle stiffness and soreness:

Rest, Repair, and Recover: Overworking your muscles by performing strenuous tasks can result in extreme soreness, and not resting your body can aggravate this pain and go on to severely injure your muscles.

Hot and Cold Therapy: Hot packs and hot baths can ease and increase the blood flow in your body. Heating packs, when placed on the affected area can loosen up the tight muscles. Cold water or ice baths are most athletes’ go-to solution during high-intensity sports as they help reduce muscle inflammation and combat pain effectively.

Hydrating your body: Hydration is key as water flushes out harmful toxins from the body, thus aiding recovery.

Stretching and Massages: Simple stretching of your muscles like shoulder and neck rotations, sit-ups for stretching the hamstrings and glutes, and doing foam rolling exercises can bring about a significant change in mobility and flexibility.

The above-mentioned treatments are home remedies that effectively provide relief. But they act as short-term pain relief solutions. In some cases, the pain might be too extreme to handle and the answer to this problem is in the form of topical pain relief treatments such as pain relief gels, which allow localized treatment of the affected region.

Omnigel Pain Relief Gel and Spray is formulated with diclofenac, Methyl salicylate, virgin linseed oil, and Menthol. It serves as the perfect pain-relieving gel and sprays for muscle fatigue and stiffness.

Stiffness caused due to musculoskeletal pain can be treated with Omnigel which promotes quick relief. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (D.O.M.S) is a common phenomenon in people involved in physical exercises. In this condition, their muscles go through microscopic tears. This can be painful, cause stiffness, and hamper performance in day-to-day activities. Using Omnigel, the natural pain relief spray or gel for stiffness, can be effective and cure aches and muscle pain instantly.

Why choose Omnigel as your ideal pain relief solution?

The pocket-sized ointment of Omnigel is handy, accessible, and very easy to apply. There are minimal side effects associated with this pain reliever when used as recommended, unlike oral medications, which is the reason why one should turn to pain relief gels in case of muscle soreness and stiffness. Regaining your mobility becomes a smooth process with the use of pain killer gels. The gel/ spray can be used and applied multiple times, unlike oral medications that are to be consumed on a limited basis under the directions of the prescribing doctor.

How does pain relief gel work for muscle soreness?

By acting instantly and alleviating the pain with its quick-acting active ingredients like diclofenac, this pain killer gel gets absorbed into your skin, unleashes its non-steroidal anti-inflammatory action, and cures swelling and sprain by providing localized soothing topical pain relief. All one has to do is apply the gel or spray to the affected area to see the results. This pain relief gel is effective, thus making it safe for repeated use.

You can use Omnigel, a trusted pain relief gel treatment available across the country’s pharmacies, and online.

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