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Nursing a painful shoulder can be challenging. It can greatly limit the simple everyday movements we take for granted, like turning around to reach for something or lifting an object. But did you stop to consider that your shoulder pain may, in fact, be the result of neck pain or stiffness?

Why Neck Pain Causes Shoulder Pain

Neck and shoulder pain can sometimes be interlinked, here’s how. If you’ve heard of a pinched nerve in the neck, this is known to cause pain that can sometimes extend to your arm and shoulder as well. Known as Cervical radiculopathy, it happens if one of the nerves in your neck gets irritated or compressed, resulting in pain, numbness, and muscle weakness . The nerves in your cervical spine are numbered C1 through C8 and branch out from either side of the neck. The ones numbered C3-C8 connect to the shoulder at various locations . For instance, C5 radiculopathy may cause pain in the upper shoulder closer to the neck while C6 radiculopathy tends to affect the outer shoulder. A doctor will be able to examine you to zero in on which one specifically may be the issue.

Other Causes of Shoulder Pain

If your shoulder pain is not the result of neck pain what else could it be? Most shoulder pain causes fall into one of these categories . 

  • Bursitis: Swelling or inflammation of the cushioning fluid-filled sacs called bursa that reduce the friction between your bone and muscle in the shoulder area
  • Tendinitis: Acute or chronic inflammation of the tendon
  • Tendon tear: Injury or age-related degeneration of the tendon can sometimes cause the tendon to split or tear resulting in shoulder pain. The Rotator cuff injury is one such instance. 
  • Instability: Injury or overuse may result in shoulder dislocations that are partial or complete 
  • Fracture/broken shoulder bone: A broken upper arm bone, shoulder bone, or collarbone could result in a painful shoulder. 
  • Arthritis: Specifically, osteoarthritis can bring on shoulder pain.

Neck And Shoulder Pain Relief With Omnigel

Pain relief remedy Omnigel is a convenient and effective way to deal with any kind of neck and shoulder pain. This topical remedy can be applied for relief from aches and pains due to injury, strain, overuse, or problems like arthritis. The pain relief gel brings down swelling and inflammation, reduces stiffness, and helps restore some comfort of movement. Omnigel is also available as an easy-to-use pain relief spray, so you can take it with you to use anytime, anywhere.

Try Omnigel for relief from your neck and shoulder pain; available online and at a pharmacy near you.

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