Lower back pain relief

Lower back pain can be pretty bad if you don’t tend to it quickly. But in the whirl of our daily lives, the problem is sometimes ignored – especially if you are a busy woman juggling many different roles –  until it gets too much to bear. The good news is that there are some simple ways to ease lower back pain – here’s a closer look at these often overlooked solutions.

#1 Fitting In Time For Relaxation And Breaks

Stress can take its toll on your body and this is one of the causes of back pain as well. Your tailbone and lower back muscles are impacted by sedentary lifestyles; the pain is aggravated by a lack of movement and stretching. If you’re inundated with work and stuck at a desk tackling it, chances are your lower back pain is getting worse . Make time for rest and relaxation and don’t let chores and housework dominate your free time – schedule in small breaks to get up and walk about and stretch.

#2 Sleeping More

If you are not getting a good night’s rest it could make you more sensitive to your lower back pain. Experts say that poor sleep quality, not sleeping enough, and fragmented sleep(frequent waking) can result in being more sensitive to pain the next day, especially if it is linked to issues like arthritis. On the flip side, getting quality sleep in the long term could actually improve chronic pain.

#3 Switching To Not-Too-High, Well-Fitted Shoes

High heels may look great but many women suffer from backache made worse by high heel usage. Your hamstrings connect to the pelvis and lower back causing lower back pain from wearing the wrong shoes. Also because of the nature of how your feet are positioned in such heels, you tend to arch your back more when standing . This can contribute to lower back pain. Switch to well-fitted comfortable shoes that aren’t high-heeled. 

#4 Doing Exercises To Build Core Strength

Women need to work their core too! A strong core can help your lower back pain. These muscles together bring stability to the lower back and abdomen and spine. Exercises like press ups, Supermans, prone cobra pose, side and prone bridging, as well as abdominal draw ins can all help.

#5 Use Heat/Cold Therapy

Applying a hot or cold pack can ease discomfort and pain by stimulating your nerves. If you are experiencing spasms in the lower back, heat therapy may work better. For swelling, cold packs work well . Just remember not to use either for too long, about 15 minutes on average. You could also alternate between both.

#6 Using A Topical Pain Relief Remedy

When it comes to lower back pain, we often rely on physiotherapy as a treatment or turn to painkillers if the pain is too much to bear. There is, however, another much simpler solution you can use without much effort. – topical pain remedies. They may be in the form of pain relief ointments or gels or even pain sprays. You simply apply them to the affected area and they offer pain relief that lasts a few hours. Perfect for women on the go who can’t stop to take time out for more time-consuming alternatives. Do remember, however, that it is also important to get the underlying back pain cause identified and dealt with to prevent it from worsening.

Ease Lower Back Pain With Omnigel

Omnigel is a topical pain relief remedy that countless people swear by. This diclofenac gel gives you immediate topical relief from muscle and joint pains and offers a breather from lower back pain. Simply apply the pain relief gel or Omnigel spray – the pain spray variant – to your back. You should notice a reduction in stiffness and pain; the remedy also helps reduce inflammation. It can be used several times a day as needed, so you don’t have to suffer through lower back pain anymore.

Omnigel and Omnigel spray are suitable for use by both men and women and can be applied for a range of musculoskeletal aches and body pains. These topical pain relief remedies are easily available at pharmacies online and offline.

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