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Cycling is a great way to exercise and is a wonderful sport, making it a popular choice these days. But is knee pain holding you back from making the most of the sport? Is cycling good for knee pain or should you avoid it? Here’s what you need to know about cycling knee pain and how to handle it.

Does Cycling Cause Knee Pain?

Not wearing the right gear, like proper sports shoes or comfortable well-fitted workout clothes, could interfere with the ride. If you push yourself too much by trying very high-intensity exercise(cycling uphill or very fast) or cycling for too long a duration before your body is ready for it, you could experience pain due to cycling. Not warming up before starting may also bring on pain after cycling. Professional cyclists or those cycling regularly may also experience injury and knee pain from overuse – Anterior knee pain and Patellar tendonitis are especially common. 

The right technique, correct seat and handlebar position, and muscle strength go a long way in preventing knee pain when cycling .

Cycling For Easing Knee Pain

Done right, cycling may also be a good way to ease knee pain in those with knee osteoarthritis. Researchers have found that it can improve function and alleviate pain though it may not help with stiffness or impact the overall quality of life significantly . 

Here are some reasons why cycling may be good for easing knee pain :

  • Low impact exercise that has lower chances of bringing on injury or strain.
  • Helps strengthen muscles around the knee – the hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes too.
  • Can be high or low intensity as a workout, adjusting depending on your ability and medical condition.
  • Great cardiovascular exercise that could help with weight loss. Being overweight adds stress to joints, so losing some weight through this form of exercise may be good.

Topical Pain Relief Remedy For Knee Pain

For a simple topical knee pain relief option, try Omnigel. This topical pain relief remedy retails as both a pain relief spray and a pain relief gel. Simply apply to the area around the knee and let it get to work, easing muscle and joint pain in the area. It takes care of pain as well as stiffness, easing inflammation and aches. Whether your knee pain was brought on by cycling or aggravated by it or whether you’re trying to overcome it so you can get back to cycling, you should find Omnigel easy to use. It acts quickly, soothing the pain and allowing you to get back in the saddle and hit the road.

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