Use a back pain gel pain relief remedy Omnigel for experiencing back pain when dancing

Back pain while dancing could be the result of pre-existing back issues or might be brought on by injury during a dance session. We look at the common causes and how to treat back pain when dancing.

Causes Of Back Pain When Dancing

There are some common causes for experiencing back pain when dancing. This may be due to inadequate body support while doing certain moves, a lot of jumping movements, poor posture or poor technique , imbalance, leaning back too far, being overweight, or even just exerting yourself too much  during a dance. Repetitive movements and lifts , fatigue, and not training and preparing your body enough through conditioning and core strength exercises to strengthen muscles that are needed when you dance may also result in back pain. 

Other Common Causes Of Back Pain

If you experience back pain after dancing, it can sometimes be because of an underlying back problem due to other causes. The dancing might only be aggravating an existing condition. Some common causes of back pain include :

  • Injury/sprain/strain from an accident or fall
  • Heavy lifting
  • Spinal changes linked to aging
  • Herniated/slipped disc
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis

Besides this, having an infection or kidney stones might also result in back pain.

How To Reduce Back Pain During Dance

To make yourself more comfortable while dancing, there are some simple things to do :

  • Wear the right footwear that doesn’t add strain on the back. Choose something with a low heel and stable support.
  • Add stretches to your routine to ease stiffness
  • Strengthen the back with exercises targeting these muscles, build core strength
  • Apply a hot or cold pack to relieve pain if needed
  • Try breathing exercises to ease stress (which can otherwise worsen muscle tension and pain)
  • Get physiotherapy if needed
  • Use a topical pain relief remedy for instant relief

Topical Pain Relief Remedy For Back Pain

Using a back pain gel, like topical pain relief remedy Omnigel, can go a long way in making your dance sessions less painful and more enjoyable. Simply apply this topical pain relief remedy to the affected area of the back and you should feel a perceptible easing of the pain and stiffness. Omnigel and omnigel pain spray also tackle inflammation in the muscles and joints. This remedy is easily available across the country at pharmacies online and offline.

Get Omnigel so that you can enjoy dancing to the fullest, without being held back by back pain.

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