If you are experiencing painful joints in changing weather there are some simple ways to ease the discomfort.

Aches and pains seem to sometimes mimic changes in weather – as it gets dark and gloomy outside, your pains seem to worsen. But is there anything to this pattern or is it all in the mind? Here’s a look at whether body pain is really linked to weather.

Weather May Affect Joints

While the jury is still out on how the two link up, there seems to be a distinct connection between weather and joint pain causes. It isn’t one single factor in the weather, but many, that seem to play a part – the temperature, the barometric pressure, humidity levels, and whether you are indoors or outdoors, plus pre-existing health conditions if any can all influence whether you experience pain in cold or rainy weather and how soon this hits you . Some studies have found that higher rainfall, low pressure, and stronger winds are linked to more pain.

Of course the weather doesn’t affect everyone, so regardless of what the research says – listen to your body and respond based on how you feel with changes in weather.

How To Manage Aching Joints In Winter

If you are experiencing especially painful joints, there are some simple ways to ease the discomfort . 

 If the cold bothers you, try and keep the room warmer, wear a few layers if that helps, or use a light blanket.

 Try and get in some light exercise to get the blood circulating, it will make you feel warmer and more energized. Tai chi and yoga will also help with flexibility, range of motion, and may even improve your mood. Plus the exercise could help with weight loss 

 Get a massage – it can reduce stiffness and joint pain.

 Use topical pain relief remedies for immediate solutions to the pain.

 In case the pain is too much to manage, ask your doctor about  other relevant prescription medications.

Topical Pain Relief With Omnigel

Regardless of what your body pain reasons or causes are, it helps to keep a topical pain relief remedy handy. Omnigel is a great option that acts quickly, giving you topical relief from muscle and joint pain all year round. The diclofenac gel reduces swelling, pain, stiffness, and discomfort for those with arthritis or any kind of joint pain brought on by weather, injury, or other causes. Simply apply to the affected area and allow it to act, easing inflammation and pain. It can be used multiple times a day as needed; follow directions on the pack or use as recommended by your doctor. Omnigel spray gives you the effectiveness of a topical pain remedy in an easy-to-use form that you can take with you to use anytime, anywhere.

Omnigel and Omnigel spray can be purchased from pharmacies online and offline. Say goodbye to seasonal aches and pains with this topical pain remedy!

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