Simple solution to your shoulder pain

Shoulder pain can strike unannounced due to neck pain that radiates outwards, a rotator cuff injury(injury to the group of muscles and tendons that help your shoulder’s circular motion), or could be from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Regardless of what’s causing it, there are ways to ease shoulder pain when it strikes.

Here are some simple tips to give you neck and shoulder pain relief.

#1 Use An Ice Pack

You can use an ice pack on the shoulder several times a day. Remember not to ice it for more than 15-20 minutes at one stretch. Always wrap the ice in a cloth or use a readymade cold pack.

#2 Grab A Cushion For Support

When you’re sitting up, place a cushion to support your lower back. You should also use one on your lap and rest your arm on it to reduce the load on your shoulder.

#3 Rest It

There’s no real substitute for good old-fashioned rest. Allow your shoulder to get some time off and avoid actively using it – that could worsen the condition or increase your pain. Gradually ease back into your normal routine as the pain settles and goes away.

#4 Shoulder Stretches and Exercises

If you feel your shoulder is getting better, consider doing some gentle stretching exercises for your shoulder. Have a physiotherapist teach you the right method to do exercises like the pendulum exercise, door leaning, shoulder stretches, door presses, seated chest stretches, and seated triceps stretches. You should do them for about 6-8 weeks as a preventive measure for shoulder pain. Do not try to create your own exercises for the shoulder, this may cause more harm than good!

#5 Use A Pain Relief Cream/Gel For Instant Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

Omnigel(available as Omnigel spray and Omnigel topical gel) is a simple solution to your shoulder pain. It is a topical Diclofenac-based medication that can help with a frozen shoulder, neck and back pain, sports-related injuries, as well as the musculoskeletal pain that’s typical of someone with rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.

If you see a doctor, they may also prescribe pain-relieving medication or medicines to ease the inflammation.

When To See A Doctor! You should seek immediate medical attention if you feel intense pain, notice sudden swelling or a deformed joint, are unable to use the joint or cannot move the arm away from your body.

How to use: Simply apply or spray onto the affected part of your shoulder and neck. The pain relief cream can be used multiple times a day(3 to 4 is advised, do not overuse it) and comes in a handy compact size that can be taken wherever you go.

Once applied it reduces shoulder stiffness, inflammation, and swelling, giving you that elusive pain relief you have been hunting for!

Stop struggling with shoulder pain – use Omnigel topical gel and spray for instant relief and go back to living pain-free!

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